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"As in his previous work, the main preoccupation of Steinmann's design has been with nature and time. Focusing on the theme of transience and change he considered it as the level at which architecture and nature actually meets. In this regard his point of departure has not been a preconceived and reestablished notion of nature but one that gradually emerged out of piecemeal, albeit sharp and extremely sensitive empirical observation of natural processes. Steinmann created a flexible and mobile structure that responded to a variety of modes, speeds and rhythms of time flow. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of his project has been that of materiality. Bertram Steinmann processes an outstanding ability to deal with materials. Artificiality and naturalness are welded together through a multitude of powerful, highly idiosyncratic poetic gestures." Prof. Dr. Sokratis Georgiadis "He is one of our outstanding personalities, able to work hard on architectural problems that his open mind gets hold of. Tackling these tasks from his own original point of view, his solutions are his own, incomparable to  others. Concerning his projects he proves a great sensibility for conception, materials and details. His sketches, drawings and plans show great skill in all kinds of visualization.“ Prof. Hans Dreher   Zürich  "I have been feeling myself very encouraged by this personal involvement in expressing the thought and the spirit.... it is a real work, showing the best architectural attention......." Jean Attali  ,  "....his previous architectural education had given him the technical and spatial skills which allowed him to develop speedily as a designer of great subtlety and originality. His sense of the relationship between landscape and architecture is particularly striking." Prof. Phil Tabor PhD MA Dip Arch Riba 
 ".......all these results were at an outstanding level with a wide engagement in the related arts such as drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. I would evaluate him without hesitating as one of the most talented students I met during my teaching time at the Academy, highly motivated, ambiguous and hardworking, always good for unpreconceived and unexpected results.“ Prof.Fritz Auer (Auer&Weber )

Architectural Association London

Design Research Laboratory

Graduate Design Diploma

Bartlett School of Architecture London

University College of London (UCL)

Diploma School

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart-Weißenhof

Diplom für Architektur und Design (Architektur, Innenarchitektur und Produktdesign)

DAAD Stipendium London Stiftungspreis Diplom AdBK SIA/SIA International, Sektion Basel Netzwerk Architekturexport-Bundesarchitektenkammer (NAX) Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg (AKBW) Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) Mumbai Brazilian Children Charity, Board of Directors Technischer Ausschuss (Verwaltungsgemeinschaft bei Freiburg) Beratendes Mitglied (Architektur-Städtebau) politischer Fraktion

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